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Model trade union resolution

This branch/union body/conference is shocked and appalled by revelations uncovered by the #meTU campaign of widespread bullying, violence and harassment taking place in our movement. 

These revelations are a stain on our movement and points towards the need for widespread cultural and structural change in our trade unions. 

We congratulate the work of #meTU since 2022 in bringing these issues to light. 

Since 2020, three KC led independent investigations have concluded widespread bullying, harassment and abuses in major trade unions. Despite a number of very reasonable and sensible recommendations to address these problems, nothing concretely has changed. 

This branch/union body/conference agrees to fully support the #meTU campaign. This branch/union body/conference will publicise all #meTU events and materials, and donate £xxx to the #meTU campaign. 

In addition, we call on the TUC and the wider trade union movement to adopt the following demands:



The TUC and all unions to conduct independent and transparent inquiries into structural sexism, harassment and bullying, similar to the Monaghan report, including collusion and complicity in staff unions.


Drop NDAs

End the use of non disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence women victims of sexual harassment, and other cases which would normally merit whistleblowing, and to commit to justice for all those previously silenced by NDAs.


Take action

Robust and effective action is taken against perpetrators of violence in our movement.


Include women

Adopt the Sisters to the Front sexual violence charter and make an action plan with the full participation of women reps, staff and networks, for transformative change and real representation and democracy in our unions.


Increase visibility

Enable motions and meTU fringe meetings at all conferences. We welcome the motion passed at NEU conference to fully support meTU. We call on all other affiliates to follow suit.

Join us in demanding:

  • That independent and transparent inquiry are conducted into structural sexism, harassment and bullying, similar to the Monaghan report into sexual harassment and the management of sexual harassment complaints within the GMB, including collusion and complicity by staff employed by unions;
  • ​That Trade Unions drop the use of Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs) to silence women victims of sexual harassment and other cases which would generally merit whistleblowing and commit to justice for all those previously silenced by NDAs:
  • ​That Trade Unions commit to training in conjunction with survivors and women’s groups or all staff and reps and members;
  • ​That motions be heard, and #meTU fringe meetings be held at all trade union and labour movement conferences.
  • That Trade Unions Adopt the Sisters to the Front Sexual Violence Charter and make an action plan for transformative change and democracy in our unions.
  • In collaboration with Sisters to the Front, General Secretaries Jo Grady of UCU and Sarah Woolley of BFAWU ( have developed the Sexual Violence Charter for Trade Union Employers.

The charter demands:

  • There is no detriment to reporting incidents of sexual harassment or violence or supporting a colleague to do so.
  • Establish a safe reporting system to encourage quick and honest reporting per survivors’ wishes.
  • An immediate review of internal staff processes relating to sexual harassment or violence and consideration of external expert audits where necessary.
  • Mandatory training for all staff and activists to establish and embed a zero-tolerance culture.
  • No use of NDAs or Settlement Agreements to cover up or as an alternative to investigating cases of sexual harassment or violence.
  • Workers subject to sexual harassment or violence are to be fully supported by their employer and offered access to and time off to attend specialist support should they wish to.

Ways to support:

  • Circulate details of our campaign to branch members.
  • Pass a motion of support of the #meTU campaign.
  • Call on your trade union to support the Sisters to the Front Charter.
  • Believe survivors

We are currently seeking funds to support the #meTU campaign and ask trade union branches and trades councils to consider supporting the campaign by making a financial donation.

Funds will be used to book meeting rooms, transport sisters to attend meetings and produce campaign and educational materials.

To donate:

When donating, please reference the donation as MeTU and drop us a line at to register your support and assistance.


Bank Account Name: Preston and District Workers Memorial Day Committee

Bank Account No: 65190560

Bank Sort Code: 08-92-99

Contact details:

Thank you in advance.

In solidarity,