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#meTU extends our warmest gratitude and thanks to the Reel News activist collective for supporting our cause.

Below you’ll find video testimonials from survivors of violence from across our movement, as well as footage of #meTU events. The veil of silence, where people are afraid to speak up, only favours those in power. At #meTU, we will continue to support survivors to come forward.

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Shocking evidence of bullying and harassment at GMB union

** NOTE: THE WOMAN WHO MADE THIS TESTIMONY HAS DONE SO ANONYMOUSLY IN AN ATTEMPT TO PROTECT HERSELF FROM FURTHER ABUSE ** Shocking evidence has emerged of bullying and harassment of women by the General Secretary of the GMB, Gary Smith. The details of the appalling treatment of a woman who was simply trying to speak out about serious sexual harassment and abuse by a fellow trade unionist are appalling and upsetting enough .. but what’s worse is that she is not the only one. 

#meTU closes down GMB HQ on international women’s day

Extraordinary scenes in London on International Women’s Day, as officials in the GMB trade union shut down their Head Office rather than face a demonstration by #meTU.

The troubled union is running scared after fresh revelations this week of bullying and harassment by their General Secretary, Gary Smith – and a toxic culture that hasn’t changed since the Monaghan report of 2020 found the union to have a culture of institutional sexism, bullying and misogyny.

#meTU fringe at women’s TUC 2023

Speakers: Claire Laycock, #meTU survivor/former GMB and TSSA organiser; Sarah Woolley, #meTU/General Secretary, BFAWU; Zelda Perkins, former Harvey Weinstein employee/co-founder, “Can’t Buy My Silence” campaign; Tracy Edwards, #meTU/President, Union Workers Union. Chair: Fliss Premru, #meTU/TSSA.

There is widespread structured sexism, sexual harassment and bullying in the trade union movement. Helena Kennedy KC’s honest and robust report into the TSSA union is damning. For years many women were left dealing with incredible harm and had lies told about them when they dared to speak out. Now the question must be asked how serious the movement is about getting its house in order.

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Our response to the damning report into TSSA

Helena Kennedy KC’s damning report into sexual harassment within the TSSA was published on February 8, 2023. Over 50 individuals came forward to describe the toxic culture at the top of the union, with words that included: “toxic, dysfunctional, worn down, vindictive, fearful, sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic, embarrassing, ‘mafia-like’ ‘in freefall.” Now here is the response from meTU founder members who bravely spoke out, Claire Laycock and Maggie Hayes. Claire’s video testimony last year was a catalyst for Helena Kennedy’s inquiry taking place, while Maggie is speaking out publically for the first time. Their response includes more shocking revelations, and key demands to effect fundamental change. As a trade union movement, we are in the fight of our lives against multiple crises and huge attacks from this Tory government – and as Maggie says in the video, “We don’t do that when we are haemorrhaging people as a result of our own internal harm and pain.”

The video that sparked it all off – Claire Laycock

In April 2022, we were made aware of allegations about the TSSA and senior officers – including the General Secretary. The allegations were of a culture of sexism, sexual harassment and drunkenness in the trade union movement; of sexual harassment of staff and others by the General Secretary of the TSSA,Manuel Cortes; of his exclusion from ASLEF events because of it; of the General Secretary of the TSSA having episodes of drunkenness; of verbal harassment by TSSA Organising Director, Luke Chester; of bullying, harassment and grievances being covered up and silenced by senior management staff including Assistant General Secretaries, Frank Ward and Lorraine Ward; and of staff being bullied and performance managed out of their jobs, ending with termination agreements in which they cannot speak out. This is the short version of Claire Laycock’s testimony, which ultimately led to the damining Kennedy inquiry and the entire leadership of the TSSA being thrown out of the trade union movement, in a spectacuar victory for MeTU.