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Unite strike action at UCU intensifies

We extend our full solidarity and support to all Unite UCU workers fighting anti union attacks, racial discrimination and toxic working conditions at that union. Although ACAS talks are taking place, if there is no movement on these issues, further strike action will take place:

  • Wednesday 26 June

  • Monday 1 July

  • Wednesday 3 July

  • Wednesday 10 July

  • Thursday 11 July

The staff have gained widespread support from the membership in this dispute, with three motions passed at UCU congress.

What this dispute, the strike action by GMB members working for TSSA union and the victimisation of union reps, the ballots for action at GMB union and subsequent expulsion of a prominent female regional president, and all the other issues we face, is the urgent need for an independent standards body that’s completely independent, to investigate, to regulate employment practices, address race/gender pay gaps, uphold dignity at work and take action on discrimination in trade unions.

But before we can get to this stage, a discussion needs to be had amongst all trade union members and activists committed to a real equalities agenda, about what is going on in our movement.

We know we can’t rely on the TUC to take effective action on these issues but the question must be asked – how much more damage do we need to be put through before action is taken? There’s never been a more important time for trade unionists to come together, open thier eyes to the reality of the situation, and discuss steps to redress the power balance and bring about transformative change.

The far right and populist rhetoric that is fuelling divisive, anti working class bigotry and reaction is on the increase.  How can we have a chance to collectively fight back against this if women, non-binary, LGBTQ, black or disabled people are excluded from this process? This fact alone should send a warning message about the dangers of allowing unaccountable practices to take place inside your trade union to continue.

Please find out if there is a UCU picket line near you and go down and show your support. Send messages of support to their X/twitter account. Donate to their strike fund here.

Remember, an injury to one, is an injury to all. It’s time we bring that principle back into our movement.


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