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NEU conference agrees to support #meTU

At their annual delegate conference in Bournemouth 3-8 April, the National Education Union (NEU) passed a motion addressing sexism and the rise of online mysogyny.  Within this motion, there was a recognition that there are issues closer to home that we must also address – ie, within our unions.

This is the first national trade union to officially support #meTU. We thank those NEU reps who put forward this motion and we look forward to seeing how we can work with NEU districts and reps in the coming year to progress this important resolution.

Motion 27 Anti-sexism and the rise of online misogyny

Conference believes:

1. That despite work being done to promote gender equality and to prevent sexism and sexual harassment, these issues remain a serious problem in society, schools and colleges, and within workplaces and trade unions

2. The continued rise in online sexism, misogyny, and bullying through social media and online ‘influencers’ presents a real challenge to those committed to promoting gender equality

3. The positive contribution the union has achieved to promote anti-sexism through the resources available including the ‘It’s Not OK’ toolkit

4. The grassroots #MeTU campaign are working to challenge sexual harassment in the trade union movement and ensure women and non-binary workers have a safe space to speak out.

Conference further believes:

i. As a union with a majority female membership, we must make anti-sexism and the prevention of sexual harassment a priority

ii. Educators are ideally placed to support young people to understand gender inequality and provide them with skills to challenge sexism and misogyny

iii. It is the responsibility of everyone within the trade union movement to call out sexism, misogyny and bullying and not be afraid to challenge sexist views in education establishments, workplaces and the trade union movement

iv. The union’s ‘It’s Not OK’ toolkit and resources are not being used as widely as they should be within schools and colleges.

Conference instructs the executive to:

a. Continue the positive work of the ‘It’s Not OK’ campaign and ensure resources are promoted widely across the union

b. Explore ways to make the toolkit more accessible for members, and easier to navigate, including the possibility of an app format

c. Call upon districts to share the ‘It’s not OK’ toolkit with their members, work with school leaders and organise training to give members the confidence to implement the toolkit within their school or college

d. Promote the #MeTU campaign by encouraging districts to join the campaign and actively challenge and confront sexual harassment, bullying and sexism in the trade union movement and its structures.”

  • If you are an NEU rep or member, contact your union and ask them about #meTU. We are happy to provide speakers to any union events.


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