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Below are some notes regarding this demo to help with setup and tweaking after import. Of course if you have any questions or issues you can always refer to the theme documentation or reach out for help.

Required Theme Version & Plugins

  • Total 5.4.3+
  • Total Theme Core Plugin (included)
  • WPBakery Page Builder Plugin (included)
  • Templatera Plugin (included)
  • Scroll Up Sticky Header for Total Plugin (free on

Color Scheme

  • This demo uses a custom dark color scheme set under Customize > Global Styles > Color Scheme
  • ┬áThe “accent” color has been changed from blue to white with a black “on accent” color under Customize > Global Styles > Accent Colors.
  • Forms have been re-styled to have white backgrounds and transparent borders to look better with the dark color scheme and can be modified under Customize > Global Styles > Forms.

Fonts & Typography

  • Font Smoothing has been enabled under Customize > Typography > General > Font Smoothing.
  • Karla Google font set globally under Customize > Typography > Body.
  • Roboto Sans Google font is set for the logo, menu and headings under Customize > Typography > Logo/Main Menu/Headings
  • Headings font weight was adjusted to use a medium weight (500) under Customize > Typography > Headings.
  • The h2 top margin has been adjusted under Customize > Typography > h2 to provide a greater top margin.


  • This demo has a “Centered Page” Template which can be edited under WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Centered Page. This template is used for pages like this one and the “Contact” page where you may want your content to be slimmer and can be set when editing a page via the WP editor in the “Theme Settings” Metabox under the “Main” tab where it says “Dynamic Template”. This is created so it can be used on a few pages, if you want all your pages to be slim you can set this template globally under Customize > General Theme Options > Pages > Dynamic Templates or you can modify your default site widths under Customize > Layout > Desktop Width.
  • Portfolio posts use a dynamic template set under Customize > Portfolio > Single Post > Dynamic Template and can be edited under WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Portfolio Single.
  • Blog Archives (main blog page, category, tags, etc) use a a template set under Customize > Blog > Archives & Entries > Dynamic Template and can be modified under WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Blog Archives. This template was created so we could have more control over the Card design via the Post Cards element.
  • Blog posts use a dynamic template set under Customize > Blog > Single Post > Dynamic Template and can be edited under WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Blog Single.
  • Blog Archive & Blog Single templates have a max-width set for the row to slim down and center the content you can modify this max-width value by editing each template, editing the row and scrolling down to the “Custom Max Width” setting.

Custom Footer

  • The Demo uses a custom footer set under Theme Panel > Footer Builder and can be edited under WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Footer.
  • If you prefer to use “standard widgets” you can always disable the Footer Builder then access the Footer settings under Customize > Footer Widgets or you can use the Footer Builder in conjunction with the Footer Widgets by enabling Footer Widgets under Theme Panel > Footer Builder > Footer Widgets.

Menu Social Links

  • Social links were added to the main menu via Customize > Header > General > Aside Content
  • The social links (header aside content) is set to hide at the mobile menu breakpoint so we can display them inside the mobile menu via a custom Template (see next section).

Mobile Menu Social Links

  • This demo adds social links to the Mobile menu via a template at WPBakery Page Builder > Templates > Mobile Menu Social and has been inserted to the mobile menu via Theme Panel > Custom Actions > wpex_mobile_menu_bottom.

Custom CSS

  • This demo includes a little custom CSS which can be modified under Theme Panel > Custom CSS.
  • Custom CSS is used to make small adjustments not possible via the Customizer or builder elements.

Image Sizes

  • Portfolio and Blog posts use 1280×960 cropping which can be changed under Theme Panel > Image Sizes.

Disabled Features

  • Various theme features that aren’t needed for this demo have been disabled under the Theme Panel tab such as the Staff and Testimonials post types.
  • You can visit the Theme Panel tab to re-enable any feature you may want.


  • This demo uses a fairly large font size and by default Total styles the WP admin editor to make use of the same font sizes, but if you want you can go to the Theme Panel and disable the “Editor Styles” feature if you want the backend editor to render using default WP styles.
  • The Theme uses it’s built-in Contact Form which supports reCAPTCHA to help prevent spam submissions. If you wish to enable reCAPTCHA for your contact page you will need to go to the Theme Panel to enter your reCaptcha keys.